What Unit Tests tells about Human Nature

On Formal but useless definitions, Harakiri, Oysters filled with Soy sauce and prayers to the Church Of The Right Software.

It’s Friday night. after an intense week of work, you’re about to take off to enjoy your week-end. Your boss storms in the office: “You’re still here! Great, I need you to add a hot fix in our Phronabulax System. We expect a demo Monday morning very early, everything has to be ready!” Well. That was unexpected. You know your boss, he/she wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t really urgent. [Read More]

Powerpoint and Chickens

On presentation support, Gallus gallus Apathy, and focusing on questions rather than answers.

Do you remember that day — probably a rainy one — when you sat in a conference room? Your heart was filled with eagerness to dive into the speaker’s mind. You even prepared by documenting about the topic, to fully comprehend the genius striding in front of you. The common purpose And then, as the drama unfolded in the room and the rain kept pouring outside, this slide came up: [Read More]