My Favorite Tech Talks

Watching tech talks is a hobby of mine. It puts me in a kind of meditative mood while watching the explanation unfolding.

Here’s a list of my all-time favorite talks. Very few of them are about a specific language / framework. The majority is to make you think and re-assess your mental models.


Title Description
Boundaries - Gary Bernhardt Thoughts on architecture of a project and how to define the boundaries between modules
Hammock Driven Development - Rich Hickey How to tackle complex problems
How To Design a Good API - Joshua Block A gold mine of advices to build a solid architecture
Growing a Language - Guy Steel Deep thinking about the emergence of a programming language and the paradigm that stems from it
Inventing On Principle - Bret Victor A complete different take on how programming is a tool to create
Simple Made Easy - Rich Hickey The difference between simple and easy. Simple can become complexe, easy becomes complicated
What We Know We Don't Know - Hillel Wayne We pride ourselves with our “scientific thinking”. We are however deeply driven by beliefs. What works? what doesn’t? What can we really prove?
Livable Code - Sarah Mei What does software archicture mean today? What is going with this building metaphore?

Low Level

Title Description
CPU Caches Why it Matters - Scott Meyers How does the CPU works and how can we leverage its power
Data-Oriented Design and C++ Technical architecture to yield the maximum performances with your data structures
Containers From Scratch - Liz Rice Build Docker from scratch in 30mins in Go to understand what Docker is about
A talk near the future of Python - David Bazley 1h of LiveCoding to build a complete machine, compiled in WASM. Bonkers.
JSON Explained - Jesse Wilson Deep dive on how JSON parsing works and why it works that way

Functional programming

Title Description
Solving Problems The Clojure Way - Raffal Dittwald 3 ways to solve the same problem: procedural, object oriented, functional (written in JavaScript)
Why isn’t Functional Programming the Norm ? - Richard Feldman History of programming language to understand why the functional paradigm is adopted (or not) by the industry

Fun & Crazy

Title Description
Improper Hierarchy - Tom Murphy This dude reverse engineers a Nintendo console in a peculiar way. Mind blowing.
Wat - Gary Bernhardt Lightning talk about JavaScript quirkness
How to Hack a Painting - Tyler Hobbs Mixing art and programming to (re)produce abstract paintings
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